Allowwebserviceproxy: Stsadm operation (Office SharePoint Server)

SharePoint 2007

Updated: September 13, 2007

Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007


Topic Last Modified: 2007-09-11

Turns on or off the Web service proxy for the specified Web application. If the value is set to False, then no forms can use the proxy (even if the allowuserformwebserviceproxy operation is set to True).

stsadm -o allowwebserviceproxy

   -url <URL name>

   -enable {True | False}


Parameter name Value Required? Description


A valid URL, such as http://server_name


The URL of the Web application associated with the Web service proxy.


One of the following values:

  • True (Enable)

  • False (Disable)


Enables or disables the Web proxy service. The default setting is True.