Localupgradestatus: Stsadm operation (Office SharePoint Server)

SharePoint 2007

Updated: July 12, 2007

Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007

Updated: 2007-07-12

Operation name: Localupgradestatus

Displays the farm and local server components that need to be upgraded. For all components, this operation can only check the local server, and cannot check any other servers in the farm. For example, this operation will not check the IIS server status on a different front-end Web server. As a result, you need to run this operation on all front-end Web server computers to get a full picture of the farm upgrade status. Databases in the farm are also checked even if they are on other servers.


The localupgradestatus operation does not take any parameters.


stsadm.exe -o localupgradestatus