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Plan search in SharePoint Server 2013


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2014-07-22

Summary:  Create a well-designed plan to install and configure search in SharePoint 2013.

The following articles on TechNet provide information about the planning you need to do to deploy search in SharePoint 2013.

The following articles about planning search in SharePoint 2013 are available to view online. Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.


Content Description

Overview of search in SharePoint Server 2013

Learn about the different search components and databases and their role within the search topology.

Plan enterprise search architecture in SharePoint Server 2013

Learn how to plan a small, medium or large enterprise search architecture.

Scale enterprise search in SharePoint Server 2013

Learn which approach to use to scale your enterprise search architecture for performance and availability.

Scale search for Internet Sites in SharePoint Server 2013

Determine hardware requirements and review considerations to scale out search topologies for Internet sites for performance and availability.

Disaster recovery best practices and strategies for SharePoint 2013 search

Learn best practices and strategies of disaster recovery for search.

Best practices for organizing content for search in SharePoint Server 2013

Learn how to organize SharePoint content and metadata to make the content easier to find.

Understanding result sources for search in SharePoint Server 2013

Use a result source in SharePoint Server 2013 to specify a provider to get search results from, and optionally to narrow a search to a subset of those results.

Plan crawling and federation in SharePoint Server 2013

Plan to crawl or federate results from different kinds of content and plan to apply the appropriate settings.

Overview of the search schema in SharePoint Server 2013

Learn how the search schema is used to build up the search index. The search schema contains the mapping from crawled properties to managed properties and the settings on the managed properties.

Plan to transform queries and order results in SharePoint 2013

Learn how to transform user queries to provide more relevant SharePoint search results and to improve the way search results are displayed.

Overview of search result ranking in SharePoint Server 2013

Learn how SharePoint uses ranking models to calculate the relevance rank of search results and how you can influence the order of search results by using query rules, the search schema and ranking models.

Overview of analytics processing in SharePoint Server 2013

Learn how the Analytics Processing Component analyzes content and user actions to improve search relevance.

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