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Enterprise search planning (SharePoint Server 2010)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-05-09

The articles in this section describe the process for planning an enterprise search solution, including analyzing the current environment, determining the search team, and planning the search topology, crawling and federation, people search, and the end-user search experience. The articles also describe how to plan for training for administrators and end-users.

In this section:

Gather information about the current search environment (SharePoint Server 2010). The first step in the planning process is to gather information that helps you plan the search solution. This includes information about your organization, topology, current settings for search, and performance and usage reports.

Determine the enterprise search team and stakeholders (SharePoint Server 2010). This article discusses the roles and stakeholders that you should include when you plan a search solution.

Plan for crawling and federation (SharePoint Server 2010). This article discusses how to plan whether to crawl or federate content, and how to plan the appropriate settings for crawling and federation.

Plan search scopes (SharePoint Server 2010). This article describes how to plan search scopes to help users narrow search results. By using scopes, users can more quickly find the information that they want.

Plan metadata properties for search (SharePoint Server 2010). This article describes how to plan metadata properties, which include crawled properties and managed properties, to provide refined search results for user queries.

Plan people search (SharePoint Server 2010). This article describes how to plan people search, which is an important part of planning collaboration and social computing within the enterprise.

Plan the topology for enterprise search (SharePoint Server 2010). This article describes resources that can help you plan a topology for the search solution, including performance and capacity planning.

Plan keywords, synonyms, and Best Bets (SharePoint Server 2010). This article describes how to help users obtain more relevant search results by planning for keywords, synonyms, and Best Bets.

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