Sparse Columns Support (ODBC)


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SQL Server Native Client (SNAC) is not supported beyond SQL Server 2012. Avoid using SNAC in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use it. The Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server provides native connectivity from Windows to Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

This topic describes SQL Server Native Client ODBC support for sparse columns. For a sample demonstrating ODBC support for sparse columns, see Call SQLColumns on a Table with Sparse Columns. For more information about sparse columns, see Sparse Columns Support in SQL Server Native Client.

The application parameter descriptor (APD) descriptor field and SQL_SOPT_SS_NAME_SCOPE statement attribute accepts the additional values SQL_SS_NAME_SCOPE_EXTENDED and SQL_SS_NAME_SCOPE_SPARSE_COLUMN_SET. These values specify which columns are included in the result set returned by SQLColumns. For more information about SQL_SOPT_SS_NAME_SCOPE, see SQLSetStmtAttr.

A new implementation row descriptor (IRD), a read-only SQLSMALLINT field called SQL_CA_SS_IS_COLUMN_SET, can be used to determine if a column is an XML column_set value. SQL_CA_SS_IS_COLUMN_SET takes the values SQL_TRUE and SQL_FALSE.

Two SQL Server specific columns (SS_IS_SPARSE and SS_IS_COLUMN_SET) have been added to the result set for SQLColumns.

The following ODBC functions have been updated to support sparse columns in SQL Server Native Client:

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