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Sparse Columns Support (ODBC)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

This topic describes SQL Server Native Client ODBC support for sparse columns. For a sample demonstrating ODBC support for sparse columns, see Call SQLColumns on a Table with Sparse Columns. For more information about sparse columns, see Sparse Columns Support in SQL Server Native Client.

The application parameter descriptor (APD) descriptor field and SQL_SOPT_SS_NAME_SCOPE statement attribute accepts the additional values SQL_SS_NAME_SCOPE_EXTENDED and SQL_SS_NAME_SCOPE_SPARSE_COLUMN_SET. These values specify which columns are included in the result set returned by SQLColumns. For more information about SQL_SOPT_SS_NAME_SCOPE, see SQLSetStmtAttr.

A new implementation row descriptor (IRD), a read-only SQLSMALLINT field called SQL_CA_SS_IS_COLUMN_SET, can be used to determine if a column is an XML column_set value. SQL_CA_SS_IS_COLUMN_SET takes the values SQL_TRUE and SQL_FALSE.

Two SQL Server specific columns (SS_IS_SPARSE and SS_IS_COLUMN_SET) have been added to the result set for SQLColumns.

The following ODBC functions have been updated to support sparse columns in SQL Server Native Client:

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