Memory Management Architecture

This section describes the memory management architecture of the SQL Server Database Engine.

Memory Architecture

Describes how SQL Server dynamically manages memory.

Process Address Space

Describes the amount of physical and virtual memory available to applications.

Dynamic Memory Management

Describes how SQL Server manages memory for the buffer pool.

Effects of min and max server memory

Describes the effects of the min server memory and max server memory options.

Memory Used by SQL Server Objects Specifications

Describes the approximate amount of memory used by different objects in SQL Serverr.

Buffer Management

Contains information about how the buffer manager accesses and updates data pages.

Managing Memory for Large Databases

Contains information about specialized memory settings, such as Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) memory, that allow you to take advantage of the latest hardware.

Understanding Non-uniform Memory Access

Contains information about non-uniform memory access (NUMA) and how SQL Server uses it.