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The fulltext filter daemon host (FDHost) process has stopped abnormally. This can occur if an incorrectly configured or malfunctioning linguistic component, such as a wordbreaker, stemmer or filter has caused an irrecoverable error during full-text indexing or query processing. The process will be restarted automatically.

The full-text filter daemon host has encountered some problem that has forced it to stop abnormally. The cause of the problem could be a badly formatted document, a bug in the filter or word-breaker, or a problem in filter daemon.

Typically, the daemon will recover from the error. If it is consistently failing, troubleshooting is necessary. Try the following to isolate the issue:

  1. If a new linguistic component has been installed recently, remove it from the system.

  2. Look at the crawl log to identify any new document that failed to be full-text indexed, and remove it.