Route Properties (General Page)

Displays the properties of the selected Service Broker route. Routes specify the network name of a destination service. Service Broker communication paths can traverse multiple computers; each computer has a route pointing to the next computer in the path. This page is accessed by right-clicking an existing route in Object Explorer and clicking Properties.


The name of the route. The name must be unique within the database.


An integer that identifies the route within the database.


The database principal that owns the route. The principal specified in the AUTHORIZATION clause of CREATE ROUTE or ALTER ROUTE.

Broker instance

The unique identifier that Service Broker assigned to the database hosting the destination service.

Expiration date

The date and time the route expires.


Specifies the network address that is either the destination computer or the next computer in the route.

Mirror address

The network address of a mirrored copy of the destination service specified in the route.

Remote service

Name of the Service Broker service the route uses on the destination computer specified in Address.