Message Type Properties (General Page)

Displays the properties of the selected Service Broker message type. Message types define the set of valid message formats associated with a conversation. This page is accessed by right-clicking an existing message type in Object Explorer and clicking Properties.


The name of the message type. The name must be unique within the database.


The database principal that owns the message type and was specified in the AUTHORIZATION clause of CREATE MESSAGE TYPE.

Message type validation

Specifies the level of validation Service Broker applies to messages that have this type:


Specifies that no validation is performed. The message body can contain data or be NULL.


Specifies that the message body must be NULL.


Specifies that the message body must contain well-formed XML.


Specifies that the message body must be an XML document that complies with one of the schemas in the specified validation XML schema collection.

XML schema collection

The collection of XML schemas used to validate messages of this type. The collection must exist in a SQL Server database. If the message type validation specified XML Schema, all messages that have this type must comply with one of the XML schemas in the collection.

XML schema collection database schema

Name of the database schema that contains the collection of validation XML schemas.