Upgrading the Packages (SSIS Package Upgrade Wizard)

Use the Upgrading the Packages page to view the progress of package upgrade and to interrupt the upgrade process. The SSIS Package Upgrade Wizard upgrades the selected packages one by one.

To view upgraded packages that were saved to a SQL Server database or to the package store

  • In Management Studio, in Object Explorer, connect to the local instance of Integration Services, and then expand the Stored Packages node to see the packages that were upgraded. 

To view upgraded packages that were upgraded from Business Intelligence Development Studio

  • In Business Intelligence Development Studio, in Solution Explorer, open the Integration Services project, and then expand the SSIS Packages node to see the upgraded packages.

Message pane

Displays progress messages and summary information during the upgrade process.


View the actions in the upgrade.


View the result of each action.


View the error messages that each action generates.


Stop the package upgrade.


Select what you want to do with the report that contains the results of the package upgrade:

  • View the report online.

  • Save the report to a file.

  • Copy the report to the Clipboard

  • Send the report as an e-mail message.