Word Device Information Settings


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

The following table lists the device information settings for rendering in Microsoft Word format.

AutoFitFalse. AutoFit is set to false set on any Word table.

 True. AutoFit is set to true on every Word table.

 Never. AutoFit values are not set on any Word table and behavior reverts to the Word default.

 Default. AutoFit is set on tables that are narrower than the physical drawing area (physical page width excluding margins) per logical page.
ExpandTogglesIndicates whether all items that can be toggled should render in their fully-expanded state. The default value is false.
FixedPageWidthIndicates whether the Page Width written to the DOC file will grow to accommodate the width of the largest page in the Report Body. The default value is false.
OmitHyperlinksIndicates whether to omit the Hyperlink action on all items where it is set. The default value is false
OmitDrillthroughsIndicates whether to omit the Drillthrough action on all items where it is set. The default value is false

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