Working with Report Data

When you create a report, you can apply calculations on the data using RDL-based expressions and non-RDL formulas, add additional parameters, group and sort data, and apply filters. These features can help you refine your report design, improve report performance, customize reports for different audiences and delivery mechanisms, and provide interactive functionality.

Adding Parameters to Your Report

Describes how to define parameters in a dataset query, and how to define report parameters that filter report data, control report processing, and connect to subreports and drillthrough reports.

Grouping and Sorting Report Data

Describes how to organize report data, and how to enable interactive sorting of rendered reports.

Working with Report Expressions

Describes how RDL-based expressions are used in Reporting Services, how to specify expressions, and how to use global variables and built-in functions in expressions.

Filtering Data in a Report

Describes how to filter data in reports.

How-to Topics

Provides step-by-step instructions for completing data manipulation tasks in Report Designer.

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