Gauge Panel Properties Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Gauge Panel Properties dialog box to define basic options for the gauge panel, which can be used to display one or more gauges. To open the Gauge Panel Properties dialog box, on the design surface, drag a selection box around one or more gauges and then right-click within the box.


Type a unique name for the gauge panel.


Type text or an expression that evaluates to a ToolTip. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression. The ToolTip appears when the user pauses the pointer over the item in an HTML report.

Dataset name

Select the dataset to use for this gauge panel. All gauges in the gauge panel will use this dataset.

Auto-fit all gauges in panel

Select this option to automatically optimize the fit of each gauge in the gauge panel.

Add a page break before

Select to add a page break in the report before the gauge.

Add a page break after

Select to add a page break in the report after the gauge.

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