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SQLSRV Driver API Reference


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The API name for the SQLSRV driver in the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server is sqlsrv. All sqlsrv functions begin with sqlsrv_ and are followed by a verb or a noun. Those followed by a verb perform some action and those followed by a noun return some form of metadata.

The SQLSRV driver contains the following functions:

sqlsrv_begin_transactionBegins a transaction.
sqlsrv_cancelCancels a statement; discards any pending results for the statement.
sqlsrv_client_infoProvides information about the client.
sqlsrv_closeCloses a connection. Frees all resources associated with the connection.
sqlsrv_commitCommits a transaction.
sqlsrv_configureChanges error handling and logging configurations.
sqlsrv_connectCreates and opens a connection.
sqlsrv_errorsReturns error and/or warning information about the last operation.
sqlsrv_executeExecutes a prepared statement.
sqlsrv_fetchMakes the next row of data available for reading.
sqlsrv_fetch_arrayRetrieves the next row of data as a numerically indexed array, an associative array, or both.
sqlsrv_fetch_objectRetrieves the next row of data as an object.
sqlsrv_field_metadataReturns field metadata.
sqlsrv_free_stmtCloses a statement. Frees all resources associated with the statement.
sqlsrv_get_configReturns the value of the specified configuration setting.
sqlsrv_get_fieldRetrieves a field in the current row by index. The PHP return type can be specified.
sqlsrv_has_rowsDetects if a result set has one or more rows.
sqlsrv_next_resultMakes the next result available for processing.
sqlsrv_num_rowsReports the number of rows in a result set.
sqlsrv_num_fieldsRetrieves the number of fields in an active result set.
sqlsrv_preparePrepares a Transact-SQL query without executing it. Implicitly binds parameters.
sqlsrv_queryPrepares and executes a Transact-SQL query.
sqlsrv_rollbackRolls back a transaction.
sqlsrv_rows_affectedReturns the number of modified rows.
sqlsrv_send_stream_dataSends up to eight kilobytes (8 KB) of data to the server with each call to the function.
sqlsrv_server_infoProvides information about the server.

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