How to Back Up the BAS Site and Database

The Business Activity Services (BAS) environment consists of the following:

  • A Web site hosted in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office InfoPath® templates. Windows SharePoint Services and InfoPath provide a common user interface for all of the services included in BAS.

  • A Trading Partner Management database (TPM database). This database stores trading partner data for BAS. It is not a run-time database.

To perform the procedure in this topic, you must be logged on as a member of the BizTalk Server Administrators group.

  1. After you set up BAS, back up all the changes you made to the Web application configuration files and Windows SharePoint Services site templates so these can be easily recovered later. In your backup you should also include modifications that you made in other places, for example, in client-side JavaScript files.

  2. Use the Backup BizTalk Server job to back up the TPM database. To configure the Backup BizTalk Server job, follow the procedures in "How to Configure the Backup BizTalk Server Job" at

  3. To back up the Windows SharePoint Services configuration and content databases, follow the instructions in the "Backing Up and Restoring Databases by Using the SQL Server 2000 Tools" section of the Windows SharePoint Services Administrator's Guide at