Protecting and restoring the farm (Search Server 2008)

Search Server 2008

Updated: July 24, 2008

Applies To: Microsoft Search Server 2008


Topic Last Modified: 2008-07-22

Draft content This article was published for an earlier version of this product and is being published without changes for this release.

Data and files are typically some of the most important assets that an organization possesses.

This section of the operations guide discusses technologies that you can use to protect and recover these important assets. These technologies include:

  • Content versioning

  • Recycle Bins

  • Database snapshots

  • Backups by using:

    • Microsoft Search Server 2008 built-in tools

    • SQL Server tools

The following articles discuss the principal objectives that users, site owners, and administrators of Search Server 2008 must accomplish to administer protection and recovery: