Procedure 3: Adding enterprise administrators

Enterprise administrators can manage the ISA Server enterprise and the arrays it contains. Array administrators can manage only their arrays. You may want to strictly limit enterprise administration, and not allow array administrators enterprise rights.

When you install the Configuration Storage server, a default enterprise administrator is created, using the credentials of the user who is logged on at the time of installation. In this scenario, that user is called EnterpriseAdmin. If you do not want to create additional enterprise administrators, skip this step.

This procedure takes place on the Configuration Storage server.

  1. Right-click the Enterprise node and select Properties.

  2. On the Fabrikam Properties page, on the Assign Roles tab, you will see one user listed. This is the user who was logged on when the enterprise was created. You can choose to remove this user by clicking Remove, or leave this user in place.

  3. Click Add. In the Administration Delegation dialog box, under Group or User, you can enter the name of the user, or click Browse to find the user through the Select User or Group dialog box, and then click OK. Under Role, select ISA Server Enterprise Administrator. Click OK twice, to close the dialog boxes.

  4. Note that the Apply and Discard buttons appear at the top of the details pane after you add an administrator. Your changes are not applied until you click Apply. You can wait until you have made all of your changes to the enterprise before clicking Apply, or click it after each change.

[Topic Last Modified: 10/01/2007]