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IsaMgmt.exe syntax

Updated: February 1, 2011

Applies To: Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

Forefront TMG provides additional functionality when running Forefront TMG Management from a command line. Additional parameters allow you to open Forefront TMG Management to a specific location within the User Interface (UI), or start a Forefront TMG wizard without opening the Forefront TMG Management UI.

The general syntax is:

IsaMgmt.exe [mode (options)]

where the mode parameter indicates whether Forefront TMG Management will open to a specified location, or whether a wizard will start without opening the Forefront TMG Management. The possible parameter values are ui or wizards.

All parameter names and parameter values are case insensitive.

Using the ui parameter

Use the ui parameter to open Forefront TMG management to a specific location within the UI. The syntax is:

IsaMgmt.exe ui [node]

where the node parameter refers to a specific location within Forefront TMG Management. For example, to open Forefront TMG Management on the Array node the syntax would be:

isamgmt.exe ui node=array

For a list of the supported UI nodes, see List of supported UI nodes.

Using the wizards parameter

Use the wizards parameter to open a wizard without opening the Forefront TMG Management UI. The syntax is:

isamgmt.exe wizards [wizardName storageServer storageConnectionType storagePort arrayName wizardAnswers]

where wizardName is a required parameter and refers to the name of the wizard to open. For example, to open the Web Access Wizard the syntax would be:

IsaMgmt.exe wizards wizardName=WebAccess

For a list of the supported wizards, see List of supported wizards.

You can also open some wizards from a remote installation of Forefront TMG Management (not located on the Forefront TMG computer), using the following parameters:

  • storageServer—The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Enterprise Management Server.

  • storageConnectionType—A number indicating whether the connection to the Enterprise Management Server is unencrypted (0) or encrypted (1).

  • storagePort—The port number on which the local computer communicates with the Enterprise Management Server.

  • arrayName—The designated name of an array of Forefront TMG computers.

The wizardAnswers parameter is only supported by the Getting Started Wizard. It refers to the path and name of the XML answer file that provides the data required by the wizard. For more information, see XML answer file.

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