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Mark Aggar is an Environmental Technologist at Microsoft.

  • Sustainable Computing: Sleep or Hibernate?
    Leaving your computer on when it's not in use is a waste of energy. Features like Sleep and Hibernate make it easy to power down your system when you're not using it, and these features are more reliable now than in previous versions of Windows. Here's a look at the differences between these features and some best practices for configuring them.
    Mark Aggar, Megan Morrone, and Michael Walsh - May 2008
  • Sustainable Computing: Conserving Energy with Group Policy
    Enforcing a power management strategy on the systems throughout your entire organization can add up to substantial savings. And Windows Vista includes 35 power management settings that you can configure and enforce with Group Policy. Here is some guidance for configuring some of the more common settings.
    Mark Aggar, Pat Stemen, and Michael Walsh - May 2008