Installation Tools

Updated: March 10, 2009

The Windows Essential Business Server Installation Launch Tool provides a central location where you can perform the following tasks:

  • Start applications that analyze your existing network and prepare it for installation by using the Preparation Wizard.

  • Plan your installation of Windows Essential Business Server by using the Planning Wizard.

  • Install the software by using the Installation Wizard.

The Preparation Wizard runs on one of your existing servers. It checks your network configuration and analyzes your currently installed operating systems and server applications. It notifies you if there are issues that may prevent a successful installation of Windows EBS, and it provides guidance for correcting them.

The Planning Wizard helps you plan how to install Windows EBS in your current network. It assists you in recording network settings and helps you identify your current network topology and plan how you want to integrate Windows EBS with it. The Planning Wizard captures this data, stores it, and applies it during Windows EBS installation.

The Installation Wizard is a collection of tools that install and configure Windows EBS on your servers and then joins them to your existing Active Directory domain, if desired. The wizard reduces the complexity of installing several server products on multiple physical servers by guiding you systematically through the process, one server at a time. It ensures that the product technologies are installed according to the supported Windows EBS architecture and that each role and service is properly configured on the correct server.

The Installation Wizard guides you through the following tasks:

  • Checks your existing environment for potential compatibility issues

  • Assists you in making required changes to your existing environment to ensure a successful installation

  • Installs Windows EBS sequentially on your three servers

  • Performs an initial configuration that:

    • Joins your Active Directory domain or creates a new Active Directory forest and domain

    • Establishes Internet access

    • Downloads the latest security updates

    • Helps secure your servers running Windows EBS

Guided Configuration and Migration Tasks

The Guided Configuration and Migration Tasks interface opens when you start the Administration Console after the Installation Wizard has finished. The Configuration and Migration Tasks are actions that you should perform to complete your Windows EBS installation and to receive the full benefit of the Windows EBS features. From the Configuration and Migration Tasks interface, you can start these tasks and track the completion status for each task. You can complete the tasks through a combination of automated tools and manual tasks.

Configuration and Migration Tasks completes the installation process on your servers. After completing the Configuration and Migration Tasks, your installation of Windows EBS is fully integrated into your existing environment, with all features ready for use. These tasks include the following:


Migrate DNS to Windows EBS

Migrate DHCP to Windows EBS

Configure System Center Essentials

Activate Windows EBS

Configure networks settings for subnets

Configure site-to-site VPN settings

Configure firewall rules

Install Client Access Licenses (CALs)

Configure DNS for Remote Web Workplace

Configure DNS for Sender ID validation

Assign Client Access Licenses

Migrate Exchange Server 2007

Move login scripts and roaming profiles

Discover computers and devices

Configure updates

Move Active Directory Domain Services roles