License Management Page

The License Management page on the Licenses tab shows whether the client access licenses (CALs) for Windows EBS in your network are in compliance with the licensing terms for Windows EBS.

For more information about CALs in Windows EBS, see the Microsoft Web site (

Page layout


Item Details

Results pane

Lists the CALs that are installed in Windows EBS.

Details pane

For the Windows EBS CAL edition that is selected in the results pane, provides details on the number of CALs that are installed, assigned, and available for assignment.

Tasks pane

General license management tasks. For more information, see the License Management Tasks section later in this document.

Additional information

  • When a CAL edition is not in compliance with the licensing terms for Windows EBS, the icon for the Licenses tab changes.

Working with the data

  • To refresh the page: On the View menu, click Refresh.
  • To sort the objects in the results pane: On the View menu, click Sort By, and then click a field name. Alternatively, click a column heading in the results pane and sort the objects in a field.
  • To customize the arrangement of data in the results pane: On the View menu, click Customize Results View. Then in the Customize the Results View dialog box, select and rearrange the columns.
  • To save the data in the results pane: On the File menu, click Save As CSV.

License Management Tasks


Task Details

Install CAL packs

Starts the Install CAL Packs Wizard to install a CAL pack in Windows EBS.

Start TS Licensing Manager

Starts the TS Licensing Manager console to administer Terminal Services CALs.

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