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Server hardware requirements

Updated: February 23, 2009

The servers that are running Windows EBS must meet the following minimum hardware requirements:


Hardware Minimum Requirement


Systems with a Single Core CPU – 64-bit (x64) with a 2.5 GHz minimum clock speed

Systems with a Multi Core CPU – 64-bit (x64) with a 1.5 GHz minimum clock speed

Systems with Multiple Physical CPUs – 64-bit (x64) with a 1.5 GHz minimum clock speed

System memory

4 gigabytes (GB) (Management Server and Messaging Server)

2 GB (Security Server)

Network adapters

One for the Management Server

One for the Messaging Server

Two for the Security Server

DVD drive

One per server

Minimum partition sizes


Drive Partition Minimum Free Disk Space

Operating System

45 GB

Application Data

50 GB

When determining the appropriate disk space for your Application Data partition, you should consider all aspects of storage needs, including the Exchange Server 2007 databases, the redirection of a user’s Documents folders, Microsoft Updates, and other application data.

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