Chapter 1: IIS 7.0 Administration Overview

Let’s start with the bad news right up front: Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 isn’t what you think it is. Although IIS 7.0 is the latest release of Internet Information Services, it isn’t what it seems. IIS does look a lot like its predecessors, but this is deceiving because under the surface, the architecture is completely different. So much has changed, in fact, that perhaps it might have been better if Microsoft had given IIS 7.0 a new product name. That way you’d know that IIS 7.0 was completely different from its predecessors, allowing you to start with a fresh perspective and a reasonable expectation of having to learn a whole new bag of tricks. Seasoned IIS pros also are going to have to unlearn some old tricks; and that’s not only going to be difficult, it might be the single biggest obstacle to mastering IIS 7.0.

IIS 7.0 provides the core services for hosting Web servers, Web applications, and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. Throughout this book, I’ll refer to administration of IIS, Web applications, and Windows SharePoint Services as Microsoft Web administration or simply Web administration. As you get started with Microsoft Web administration, you should concentrate on these key areas:

  • What’s new or changed in IIS 7.0
  • How IIS 7.0 configuration schema and global configuration architecture are used
  • How IIS 7.0 works with your hardware
  • How IIS works with Windows-based operating systems
  • Which administration tools are available
  • Which administration techniques you can use to manage and maintain IIS
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