Chapter 2: Installing Exchange Server and Configuring Server Roles

In the previous chapter, you prepared the Active Directory forest, individual domains, and server hardware and software for the installation of Exchange Server 2007. In this chapter, you will perform the Exchange Server 2007 installation itself. How you install Exchange Server 2007 depends on the number of Exchange servers that you need to deploy. If you are installing only a few Exchange servers, you are likely to personally run through the installation by running the Installation Wizard. If you are installing many Exchange servers, you are likely to use the scripted install process to simplify and automate deployment. In this chapter, you will also explore the most important decision that you will make in deploying each Exchange server: determining the particular roles the server will host. Once the roles have been installed, we will look at the steps that you will need to take to configure the roles for your environment, how to set up options such as clustering and load balancing, how to install Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to ensure security, and then how you can examine the installation records to verify that everything has gone according to plan


Exam objectives in this chapter:

  • Install Exchange.
  • Configure Exchange server roles.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Lesson 1: Installing Exchange Server 2007.
  • Lesson 2: Configuring Exchange Server Roles
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