Chapter 1: Preparing for Exchange Installation

An old adage says, measure twice, cut once. This adage applies to most tasks in network administration, but none more than the installation of Exchange Server 2007. Exchange Server 2007 is a complicated piece of software that has a significant influence not only on the operation of your network’s infrastructure but also on the operation of your organization in general. If you do not prepare properly for the installation of Exchange Server 2007, you—and your organization—might be living with the consequences for a significant length of time. In this chapter, you will not actually install Exchange Server 2007 (which is covered in Chapter 2, “Installing Exchange Server and Configuring Roles”), but you will learn about the preparation that is required before the software can be deployed successfully. Exchange Server 2007 does not exist on the network in isolation. Before it can be utilized to its fullest extent, the network environment must be prepared properly. This chapter examines both the network infrastructure preparation and the server software preparation tasks that must be completed prior to the installation of Exchange Server 2007.

Exam objectives in this chapter:

  • Prepare the infrastructure for Exchange installation.
  • Prepare the servers for Exchange installation.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Lesson 1: Preparing the Infrastructure for Exchange Installation
  • Lesson 2: Preparing the Servers for Exchange Installation.
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