E-Mail Gateway Settings in Windows EBS

Applies To: Windows Essential Business Server

You can configure the Security Server to allow e-mail traffic in your network environment until you have installed the Messaging Server and have migrated mailboxes and settings to it. The Installation Wizard requires the IP address of your current e-mail server and the SMTP domains in your environment to configure rules on the Security Server to allow SMTP traffic and forward e-mail messages to your current server.

You must specify the IP address of your Exchange Server or other e-mail server, to enable a rule to forward e-mail traffic to that server.

If you are currently running Exchange Server in your environment, the Installation Wizard automatically detects your existing SMTP domains. If you are not running Exchange Server, you must specify the STMP domains that you use.

You can add, remove, or reconfigure SMTP domain information after installation, using the Exchange Management Console or the Exchange Management Shell. Help for SMTP domain configuration is available in the Exchange Management Console on the Messaging Server, after Windows EBS installation is finished.