Catalog of Solutions Documentation for Windows Small Business Server 2008

Updated: February 17, 2009

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

Windows SBS 2008 offers a variety of solution-based documents that are written to help you understand, install, and configure the product features. See the following documents in the Windows Small Business Server Technical Library:

Product Evaluation

Use the Product Evaluation documentation to learn about the solutions that Windows SBS 2008 provides for the small business network.

Planning and Architecture

Use the Planning and Architecture documentation to help you design a reliable Windows SBS 2008 network solution for your organization. This documentation helps you identify concerns that are related to hardware and administrative requirements before you deploy Windows SBS 2008 in your organization.

Getting Started

Use the following Getting Started documentation to learn about the features that are available with Windows SBS 2008, including the basic concepts and the steps that are required to install a turnkey Windows SBS 2008 network solution.


Use the following Deployment documentation to install and configure Windows SBS 2008 in your organization. Whether you are new to Windows SBS 2008 or upgrading from an existing installation, this documentation helps you prepare and deploy a robust computer network to meet your small business needs.


Security and Protection


Use the following Troubleshooting documentation to help you diagnose the cause of issues or failures and to resolve them.

Technical Reference

Use the Technical Reference documentation to learn about advanced components and how you can use these components in your Windows SBS 2008 network environment.

Community Additions