Sample Service Plans

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Sample Service Plans

These sample service plans demonstrate various ways the solution services could be delivered to end customers. The ability to offer single, uncoupled services is new to Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.0 . These plans are listed here to provide guidance on what the service provider can do with the plans system. The following table shows what each sample evaluation plan could consist of on a per company/organization basis.

For the three sample service plans that ship with Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.0 , along with XML describing the full feature set for each, see Customer Service Plans.


In the service-level agreement (SLA) column, an entry of 99% means that for every 100 hours, there will be less than 1 hour of unscheduled service outage due to any kind of issues caused by either hardware or software.

Table: Sample Plans and Their Features

Sample planDescription or scenarioMax subscribersMessaging servicesMicrosoft Windows SharePoint ServicesMailbox sizeData storageArchive requiredData recovery servicesSLA
45-Day EvaluationThe service provider has designed a "try before they buy" plan to support a 45-day evaluation of the full Hosted Messaging and Collaboration service offering. The service provider is only making the evaluation plan available to organizations. Organizations cannot renew the evaluation plan but can transition to one of the standard plans offered by the hoster before the evaluation period expires. 10Outlook Web Access (OWA), Outlook, Outlook Voice Access (OVA), Calendar, Enterprise Application Services (EAS)1 team site, no extranet support100 megabytes (MB)100 gigabytes (GB)No NoNo
Collaboration OnlyThis plan supports the service providers' customers that elect to purchase only Windows SharePoint Services for collaboration. There is no integration with the customer's on-premise systems-that is, e-mail or Customer Relationship Management. The service provider may elect to use the Customer Directory Integration (CDI) services of Hosted Messaging and Collaboration to synchronize passwords. 100None5 team sites, 1 extranet site0 MB500 GBYesYes99%
Basic MailThis plan provides basic mail using POP3 or IMAP4, or both. It is focused on very small companies or those subscribers with basic e-mail requirements.100POP 3 access, no calendarNone50 MB0 GBNoNoNo
Basic Business MailThis plan provides basic business mail using OWA only. A majority of a customer's employees are traveling/mobile sales staff. The company subscribes to a service that provides time tracking, CRM, and calendaring to log hours and manage schedules. The customer would prefer a corporate identity with their e-mail over using one of the free e-mail services. In addition, the company woud prefer to use a richer, Web-based e-mail client to support laptop and kiosk access to company e-mail. 50OWA only, no calendar or Unified Messaging features enabledNone250 MB0 GBNoNo99%
Business MailThis plan is like the Basic Business Mail plan, with calendaring. For example, a regional physician's group has decided to move from free e-mail services to a system that makes their e-mail addresses reflect the partnership identity, provides a way to share calendar information, and provides the ability to save and restore select e-mail data. Because of the nature of their work, serving rural patients, they also see the ability to check their urgent e-mails and calendar information from any land-line phone as an appealing feature.75OWA or Outlook, calendar, OVA, public foldersNone 100 MB300 GBYesNo99%
Business Mail with CollaborationThis is the Business Mail plan, with collaboration. For example, the regional physicians group has found that public folders don't provide the collaboration they would like. They have elected to upgrade their service plan to include Windows SharePoint Services and data recovery services. 75OWA or Outlook, calendar, OVA1 SharePoint site100 MB300 GBYesYes99%
Business Mail, Unified Messaging, MobileA current subscriber's employees are traveling/mobile sales staff. They currently subscribe to the OWA-only, e-mail plan from the service provider. The are so pleased with the reliability of the system, they plan to upgrade to using rich e-mail with several access options. Their new Windows-based smartphones provide additional capabilities they would like to use. 50OWA or Outlook, calendar, OVS, EASNone100 MB0 GBNoNo99%
Business Mail, Unified Messaging, Mobile, CollaborationA real estate group is transitioning from an in-house set of systems to a subscription services. Although they have a Web site they use to communicate information to customers, they are looking for a system they can use to share internal business information and ongoing projects. 50OWA or Outlook, calendar, OVA, EVS2 SharePoint sites100 MB200 GBNoYes99%
Business Mail, Unified Messaging, Mobile, Collaboration, RestoreA regional physicians group subscribes to the Business Mail with Collaboration plan. After a rural physicians conference, they would like to have an area where they can collaborate with other rural physicians groups. They are pleased they can enhance their current services without having to change providers. 100OWA, Outlook, OVA, calendar, EAS4 team sites, 1 extranet site200 MB750 GBYesYes99%