Benefits of Using Centralized Management

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Benefits of Using Centralized Management

Centralized management takes advantage of support for centralized change and configuration management. Centralized management provides:

  • Overall change and configuration control for deployments of many servers.
  • Better management of servers to reduce cost and effort of maintaining the platform as your organization grows.
  • Automated processes to provision and configure the systems and services.
  • Centralized approach to monitoring, managing, and reducing cost and effort of operations.
Integration with Other Solution Technologies

Centralized management provides services and support for the following technologies in the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration :

  • Service Provisioning
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Hosting
  • Update Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting
Delegation and Self-Administration Features

Centralized management supports the following six levels of delegation, each of which can be divided into more specific permission sets:

  • Service Provider Administrator - Delegated rights to manage all customer objects and data.
  • Service Provider User - Delegated permissions to read all customer objects and data and manage self.
  • Reseller Administrator - Delegated permissions to manage his reseller container and all customer objects beneath.
  • Reseller User - Delegated permissions to read only data in the reseller container and manage self with no access to customer objects.
  • Customer Administrator - Delegated permissions to manage all customer related objects in his container.
  • Customer User - Delegated permissions to manage self and read data in the customer container.