Backing Up Server Data

Applies To: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard

Unexpected events, such as viruses, hardware failures, natural disasters, user error, power outages, and theft, can cause partial or total data loss. The loss of critical system or business data can result in lost revenue and the inability to conduct regular business. To prepare for the possibility of such loss, you should configure one or more external backup drives.

You can protect data on the server automatically by running the Configure Server Backup Wizard. The Configure Server Backup Wizard enables you to:

  • Choose the external storage drives that you want to use to back up your data.

  • Choose whether to back up all the data on the server or only certain drives.

  • Specify a schedule for when you want your backup to run.

After you configure your server backup, you can make changes to the backup by using the tasks that are available in the Backup and Server Storage task pane of the Windows SBS Console. For example, you might want to add or remove backup items, or change the backup schedule.

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