Test and Verify Autodiscover

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Test and Verify Autodiscover

As well as utilizing Outlook 2007 to test Auto configuration and the Autodiscover/Availability services, a cmdlet called Test-OutlookWebServices can be used to verify the Autodiscover service settings for Outlook Web services for a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that has the Client Access (CAS) server role installed.

The Test-OutlookWebServices cmdlet uses a specified e-mail address to verify that the Outlook provider is configured correctly. The cmdlet verifies information for the following services:

  • Availability service
  • Outlook Anywhere (for example, RPC over HTTPS)
  • Offline Address Book
  • Unified Messaging

This code example tests for a connection to each service. This example also submits a request to the Availability service for the user johnc@alpineskihouse.com to determine whether the user's free/busy information is being returned correctly from the CAS server to the Outlook 2007 client.

[PS] C:\>Test-OutlookWebServices -identity:johnc@alpineskihouse.com | ft * -AutoSize -Wrap

  Id        Type Message
  --        ---- -------
1003 Information About to test AutoDiscover with the e-mail address johnc@alpineskihouse.com.
1007 Information Testing server 1393d04.fabrikam.com with the published name https://1393d04.fabrikam.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx & .
1019 Information Found a valid AutoDiscover service connection point. The AutoDiscover URL on this object is https://1393d04.fabrikam.com/Aut                 odiscover/Autodiscover.xml.
1018 Information The SSL certificate on 1393d04.fabrikam.com is self-signed.
1006 Information Contacted AutoDiscover at https://1393d04.fabrikam.com/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml.
1016     Success [EXCH]-Successfully contacted the AS service at https://1393d04.fabrikam.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx.
1015     Success [EXCH]-Successfully contacted the OAB service at https://1393d04.fabrikam.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx.
1014     Success [EXCH]-Successfully contacted the UM service at https://1393d04.fabrikam.com/UnifiedMessaging/Service.asmx.
1006     Success Successfully tested AutoDiscover.