Process 3: Review the Release Readiness Milestone

Published: April 25, 2008


In this final process, the project team, customers, and stakeholders review and approve the Release Readiness Milestone.

Figure 5. Review the Release Readiness Milestone

Activities: Review the Release Readiness Milestone

Stabilizing culminates in the Release Readiness Milestone. This milestone, which is a MOF Management Review, occurs after a successful pilot has been conducted, all outstanding issues have been addressed, and the solution is released and made available for full deployment in the production environment. This milestone is the opportunity for customers and users, operations and support personnel, and key project stakeholders to evaluate the solution and identify any remaining issues that they must address before deployment.

Table 6. Activities and Considerations for Reviewing the Release Readiness Milestone



Approve the Release Readiness Milestone

Key questions:

  • Was the pilot successful when compared to the success criteria?
  • Did the team document workarounds for issues found during the pilot?
  • Are all team roles satisfied and prepared to sign off on their work?
  • Are the deployment and operations procedures fully documented?
  • Were the deployment and options procedures tested during pilot?


  • Final release, including:
    • Source code.
    • Solution deliverables.
    • Solution documentation.
  • Release notes
  • Test results and testing tools
  • Master Plan, including:
    • Deployment plan.
    • Operations plan.


  • Release sign-off form document

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