Process 4: Publish Policy

Published: April 25, 2008


In this process, policies are published for the organization to use. Although the process is fairly simple, the effects of poor publication can be difficult to recover from. The business must be notified in advance of the pending policy release, provided with the location of policies that everyone can find, and given the opportunity to become trained on the policies.

Activity: Publish Policy

Table 7. Activities and Considerations for Releasing Policies



Publish policy

Key questions:

  • Are the policies ready to be published?
  • Has a clear and understandable package been created for all users?
  • Do users know where to obtain these policies?
  • Do users understand the business reasons for policies?
  • Has an internal marketing campaign been planned to raise awareness?


  • Policies ready for publication
  • Business vision and goals


  • Published policies

Best practices:

  • Determine which members of the organization need to know about the policy, and decide which communication channels work best for getting information to them.
  • Make sure that the person who approved the policy is clearly identified so that there is a channel for comments, questions, and change requests.

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