What company information can I change?

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

Your company information was set during the installation. If there is no company information listed, the text boxes on the Company information page of the installation are blank.

You may change any of the information on the Change company information page. However, in most cases, the information is not updated in the server applications and other places where the information is used. You must manually update the company information in the preconfigured default settings. The following table lists where the company information is used, what field information is used, and whether it is automatically updated.


Where Company Information Is Used Fields Used Automatically Updated

Administration and user management

Prepopulates AD DS user properties and templates


Does not update existing user accounts, but user accounts that are created after the updates will have the new information.

Fax cover page

Business name and address

Domain name


Web sites

  • Business card Web site

  • Extranet Web site

Business name and address


Introduction documents, which are sent to users through e-mail or are printed

Business name


SharePoint Services

Business name

(Used as default string for intranet)


Remote Web Workplace

  • Default business name string on your login page

  • Default custom link header on the Main menu

Business name


Certificate setup and display name

Business name and address

Country/region information


Internet address, which is used to:

  • Determine which registrars to display

  • Suggest domain names

  • Help obtain a domain name (you can choose to send your domain name information to the registrar)

Providers may also do the following:

  • Incorporate the address into the domain name spinning to provide more accurate results that pertain to the user

  • Prepopulate fields to speed the check out process and to reduce the amount of typing for the user

Business name and address

No, but if you run the task after the update, the new information is included.

During Windows SBS 2008 installation, a Country/Region field is included on the Company information page. The information in this field does not synchronize with the operating system regional settings. You must update the Country/Region field in the Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel.

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