How do I find the network path of a shared printer?

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

To list a shared printer in the Windows SBS Console, you need the following information (if applicable):

  • The IP address of a printer that is connected directly to the network

  • The name of a computer to which a shared printer is attached

  • The name of the printer that you want to list

When you perform the List a shared printer in this console task, you can specify the network path in two ways:

  1. Type the network path to the printer in the text box.

    Use this method if you know the path to the printer. For example, \\clientcomputer\printersharename or \\\printersharename.

  2. Browse to the printer.

    Use this method if you do not know the network location of the printer. When you click Browse, Windows SBS 2008 opens the browser view to the Documents folder for the current user. To find a shared printer, click Desktop, double-click Network, double-click the name of the computer to which the printer is attached, and then double-click the printer that you want to list in the Windows SBS Console.

    If the server does not appear in the \\Desktop\Network folder, type \\servername in the Printer text box (where \\servername is the name of your server).

If you cannot find the path to a printer that you want to show in the list:

  • Make sure the printer power is on and that the printer is connected to the network.

  • Make sure the printer is shared.

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