SQL Server 2008 R2

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SQL Server 

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Integration Services 

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Event Name: %1%r Message: %9%r Operator: %2%r Source Name: %3%r Source ID: %4%r Execution ID: %5%r Start Time: %6%r End Time: %7%r Data Code: %8

A task in an Integration Services package did not finish its work and stopped.

Possible Causes

This log entry appears in the event log because logging is enabled in the package, and the Windows event log was selected as the destination for logging. The Windows event log is one of the destinations that are supported by the optional logging features in Integration Services packages. For more information, see Logging Package Execution.

This log entry appears because a task in the package did not finish its work and stopped. There are many possible reasons for which a task might stop.

Depending on whether it is unexpected to have the task stop running, you might have to take one of the following steps:

  • If it is unexpected to have the task stop running, review the troubleshooting suggestions for Integration Services packages. These suggestions include the use of logging and of debug dump files to learn more about what is causing the task to fail. For a list of troubleshooting suggestions, see Troubleshooting Package Execution.

  • If it is expected that the task will occasionally stop running, try one of the following options:

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