Gauge Panel Group Properties Dialog Box, Variables

Select Variables on the Gauge Panel Group Properties dialog box to add custom variables to the specified group within your report. A variable is processed when you first run the report and can be referenced throughout the report. Because the variable is only calculated once, each reference to the variable will always use the same value. For example, adding a variable to a group allows you to reference that variable throughout each instance of the group and its nested groups. Variable names must be unique throughout the report.


Add a variable to the list.


Delete the selected variable from the list.

Up arrow

Move the selected variable in the list.

Down arrow

Move the selected variable down in the list.


Type the name of the variable.


Type an expression or click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression. In the Expression pane, labeled Set expression for: Value, make sure that the expression begins with an equal (=) sign

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