Querying Data Mining Models: How-to Topics (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

This section contains procedures for using the tools in SQL Server Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio to create queries against a data mining model. For information about the uses and types of data mining queries, see Querying Data Mining Models (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

The following table lists the topics covered in this section.

How to: Create a Singleton Prediction Query from a Template

Describes how to use the templates that are provided in SQL Server Management Studio to build and run a prediction query.

How to: Change the Time-out Value for Data Mining Queries

Describes how to set properties on the server that control behavior related to data mining queries.

How to: Create a Mining Model Content Query

Describes how to create queries that return detailed information that is stored in the mining model, either by using MDX, or by using schemas stored as system tables.

How to: Create a Data Mining Query by Using XML/A

Describes how to create a query against mining model content by using the XMLA templates in SQL Server Management Studio.

Mining Model Prediction Tab: How-to Topics

Describes how to use the tools in Business Intelligence Development Studio to build and run prediction queries.

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