Achieving Compliance with Access Control

Published: January 18, 2006


For many organizations, regulatory compliance poses a daunting challenge. There are increasing numbers of laws to which you must adhere and the complexity of each can often be overwhelming. Some regulations are industry-specific, and others govern an organizational process or activity—but together they contribute to the difficulty of understanding and achieving overall compliance.

Microsoft recommends organizations map all regulations—along with their requirements—to a common framework in order to achieve compliance. The purpose of the framework is to offer companies a centralized, comprehensive way to plan, deploy, and manage a compliance program proactively, rather than having to react to each new regulation or lawsuit reactively.

This white paper describes the challenges that have led to the need for a framework, outlines the framework itself, and explains how Microsoft Windows access control technologies can be used to develop important components of an overall legal compliance program.

Included in This Document

  • Introduction

  • Compliance Challenges

  • Solution: Compliance Strategy

  • Conclusion

  • Appendix: Government Regulations

Achieving Compliance with Access Control

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