Install Virtual Machine Additions

To install Virtual Machine Additions

  1. Open the Administration Website.
  2. In the navigation pane, under Virtual Machines, point to Configure and then click the appropriate virtual machine.
  3. In Status, point to the virtual machine name, and then click Turn On.
  4. Once the virtual machine has started, point to the virtual machine name, and then click Remote Control.
  5. Log on to the virtual machine as an administrator or member of the Administrators group.
  6. Once the guest operating system is loaded, press the HOST KEY to release the mouse pointer, and then in the lower-left corner under Navigation, click Configure virtual_machine_name.
  7. In Configuration, click Virtual Machine Additions, click Install Virtual Machine Additions, and then click OK.
  8. Under Status, point to the virtual machine name, and then click Remote Control.
  9. Click in the Remote Control window to return to the guest operating system. The Virtual Machine Additions installation wizard will start. Proceed through the wizard.
  10. Once the wizard is complete, you will be prompted to restart the virtual machine to complete the installation.
To perform this procedure, you must have the appropriate permissions. If you do not have the appropriate permissions, you will either receive an error message or you will not be able to view certain menu items and options described in this procedure. To change your permissions, contact your Virtual Server administrator. For more information, see Securing Virtual Server. For instructions on opening the Administration Website, see "Open the Administration Website" in Related Topics. If you do not want to use Host time synchronization, you can disable it when the virtual machine is turned off. You can do this either before or after installing Virtual Machine Additions. If your guest operating system is configured as a domain controller or your guest operating system and host operating system are members of different domains or are operating in different time zones, you should disable Host time synchronization. You can use the HOST KEY+DELETE shortcut to send CTRL+ALT+DELETE to the guest operating system.

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