Deploying Virtual Server

Checklist: Deploying Virtual Server


Step Reference

Review Virtual Server 2005 concepts.

Virtual Server overview

Using Virtual Server

Determine your topology for Virtual Server and the Administration Website.

Installing the Administration Website

Determine how many virtual machines will be configured on each physical computer, and then determine which operating systems and applications will be configured on each virtual machine. Using this information, review and determine your system requirements.

System requirements for Virtual Server

Install Virtual Server on the computers that will host the virtual machines.

Installing Virtual Server

Install the Administration Website. (This is necessary only if you install the Administration Website and Virtual Server on different computers.)

Installing the Administration Website

Create a virtual hard disk for the initial virtual machine.

Creating Virtual Disks in Virtual Server

Create the initial virtual machine on the physical computer.

Setting Up Virtual Machines for Virtual Server

Install an operating system on the virtual machine.

Installing an operating system on a virtual machine

Install Virtual Machine Additions for the guest operating system.

Installing Virtual Machine Additions

(Optional) Set up a network for the virtual machines.

Setting Up Virtual Networks

(Optional) Set up additional virtual machines.

Setting up multiple virtual machines in Virtual Server