Access a virtual machine by using the VMRC client

To access a virtual machine by using the VMRC client

  1. Start the Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC) client.
  2. Type the address of the instance of Virtual Server 2005 that you want to connect to followed by the name of the virtual machine. You must specify the address using the full computer name and the TCP/IP port in the following format: full computer name:port/virtual machine name.
  3. Click Connect.
To start the VMRC client, go to Microsoft Virtual Server on the Start menu, and then click Virtual Machine Remote Control Client. The default VMRC port number is 5900. The maximum number of VMRC connections is twice the number of virtual machines currently configured on Virtual Server. If you do not specify a virtual machine name in the address, when you connect to the specified instance of Virtual Server, the Administrator Display for that instance of Virtual Server is displayed. Note that the full computer name is only a type of fully qualified domain name (FQDN). It is important to use the full computer name rather than an FQDN because a physical server can have any number of FQDNs, but only one full computer name. You can view the full computer name on the Computer Name tab of System Properties for the computer.

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