Virtual Server security and other Windows technologies

Virtual Server security and other Windows technologies

The following Windows technologies are used or can be used to implement Virtual Server 2005 security:

  • NTFS. Virtual Server requires the NTFS file system. If you attempt to install Virtual Server or create a virtual machine, virtual network, or virtual hard disk on a volume formatted by using the FAT file system, you will receive an error.
  • Integrated Windows aut hentication or Basic authentication. By default, Virtual Server uses Integrated Windows authentication. You can change this to Basic authentication. If you do, we highly recommend that you also implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security.
  • Encrypting File System (EFS). For added security, you can implement EFS on the host operating system as well as guest operating systems that are running Windows Server 2003 operating systems. The most efficient way to implement EFS on all of the guest operating systems is to implement it on the host operating system instead. This requires fewer system resources, and conveys the benefits to all resident guest operating systems.

For more information about implementing Virtual Server security, see Securing Virtual Server.

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