Starting and stopping Virtual Server

Starting and stopping Virtual Server

Virtual Server 2005 runs as two services, which you can manage from the Services snap-in in Windows Server 2003. The two services are Virtual Server and Virtual Machine Helper. The Virtual Server service depends on the Virtual Machine Helper service.

You can start and stop Virtual Server by starting and stopping the two services. You can also configure automatic or manual startup options by using Services. For more information about the two services, see Virtual Server service and Virtual Machine Helper service.

   Before you shut down the host operating system be sure that you first stop the Virtual Server service. This will ensure that the virtual machines are turned off in the manner that you have specified for them. Otherwise, the virtual machines may be powered off rather than shut down, which can result in a loss of data. For more information, see "Stop the Virtual Server service prior to shutting down the host operating system" in Best practices for Virtual Server. For more information about configuring the behavior of virtual machines when Virtual Server is stopped, see Modifying general virtual machine properties.

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