Installing Virtual Server

Installing Virtual Server

You can install Virtual Server 2005 on any computer that meets or exceeds the system requirements. To make sure your computer's hardware and software comply with the system requirements, see System requirements for Virtual Server.

Setting up Virtual Server

Setting up Virtual Server consists of the following steps:

  • Install IIS. You must install the World Wide Web Service component of Internet Information Services (IIS) so you can use the Administration Website to manage Virtual Server. For more information about installing IIS, see the documentation for IIS.
  • Install Virtual Server. There are two general configuration options for installing Virtual Server. You can use a single physical computer for both the Virtual Server service and the Administration Website components, or you can use multiple computers, separating the Virtual Server service from the Administration Website components. For more information about these options, see Installing the Administration Website. For information describing how to install Virtual Server on the physical computer, see Install Virtual Server.
    For more information about the Administration Website, see Open the Administration Website.
    You can also install Virtual Server from the command line, which supports both manual and unattended installation. For more information, see Installing Virtual Server from the command line.
  • Add or create a virtual machine. You should add a virtual machine for each different operating system you want to run as a guest operating system. For information about how to add a virtual machine to Virtual Server, see Setting Up Virtual Machines for Virtual Server.
  • Add a guest operating system and Virtual Machine Additions. As appropriate, add a guest operating system and Virtual Machine Additions to your virtual machines. For information, see Setting Up Operating Systems for Virtual Machines in Virtual Server.
  • Perform post-setup activities. As appropriate, performing any post-setup activities on the virtual machines, such as running Sysprep.