Minimum security recommendations for Virtual Server

Minimum security recommendations for Virtual Server

The minimum security recommendations for Virtual Server 2005 are as follows:

  • By default, only local administrators can configure Virtual Server or create and configure virtual machines. You can give other users the ability to create and configure virtual machines by changing file system security settings. Use care in giving such permissions to other users. For more information about the default security settings, see File system security settings for Virtual Server. For more information about configuring security settings, see Securing Virtual Server.
  • By default, virtual machines run under the account of the user who started the virtual machine. For enhanced security, you can specify a user account under which to run virtual machines that has a low level of privileges. For more information, see Modifying general virtual machine properties.

In addition to following these minimum recommendations, we strongly recommend that you follow all of the guidelines in Securing Virtual Server and Best practices for Virtual Server for implementing security.

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