Developing custom scripts

Developing custom scripts

Virtual Server 2005 implements automation support through Microsoft® Component Object Model (COM) technology. This means that any scripting language which is capable of connecting to COM automation objects will work with Virtual Server.

Scripts are executed with Windows® Script Host, the standard Windows operating system scripting environment. You can use any script program that Windows Script Host is capable of executing. If the script host application is not specified, scripts are executed by using CScript, the command line version of Windows Script Host. You may instead choose to execute scripts with WScript, a version of Windows Script Host that provides a graphical user interface (UI), by specifying "WScript."

For more information about scripting and the Virtual Server object model, see the Virtual Server 2005 Programmer's Guide, which you can find on the Start menu by pointing to All Programs and then Microsoft Virtual Server. For more information about using scripting with Virtual Server, see Running scripts.

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