Remove a Virtual Server permission entry

To remove a Virtual Server permission entry

  1. Open the Administration Website.
  2. In the navigation pane, under Virtual Server, click Server Properties, and then in the lower section of the page click Virtual Server security.
  3. In the permission entry that you want to remove, select Remove, and then click OK.
To perform this procedure, you must have the appropriate permissions. If you do not have the appropriate permissions, you will either receive an error message or you will not be able to view certain menu items and options described in this procedure. To change your permissions, contact your Virtual Server administrator. For more information, see Securing Virtual Server. For instructions on opening the Administration Website, see "Open the Administration Website" in Related Topics. This page displays the security settings that have been configured for user accounts and groups only. It does not display settings for system accounts, such as the Local System account. This is so that users of this page do not inadvertently delete or change settings for system accounts that are critical to the functioning of Virtual Server. Under most circumstances, you should not need to modify the default settings on system accounts; however, in the event that this is necessary, you should modify them from the file system, rather than from this page. For more information about the default file system security settings, see "File system security settings" in Related Topics.

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