Create a virtual network

To create a virtual network

  1. Open the Administration Website.
  2. In the navigation pane, under Virtual Networks, click Create.
  3. In Virtual network name, type a name for the virtual network.
  4. In Network adapter on physical computer, select the network adapter to use, or select None.
  5. In Disconnected virtual network adapters, select the Connected check box for any virtual network adapters that you want to attach to the virtual network you are creating.
  6. In Virtual network notes, type any notes to help administer this virtual network, and then click OK.
To perform this procedure, you must have the appropriate permissions. If you do not have the appropriate permissions, you will either receive an error message or you will not be able to view certain menu items and options described in this procedure. To change your permissions, contact your Virtual Server administrator. For more information, see Securing Virtual Server. For instructions on opening the Administration Website, see "Open the Administration Website" in Related Topics. When creating a virtual network, Connected virtual network adapters will always be empty because it is not possible for a virtual network adapter to already be connected.

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