Adding and removing SCSI adapters

Adding and removing SCSI adapters

A virtual SCSI adapter is an optional component that you can add to a virtual machine. Use of a SCSI adapter allows you to increase both the storage size and number of virtual hard disks that the virtual machine can use. You can configure as many as four SCSI adapters on a virtual machine. Each SCSI adapter supports up to seven virtual hard disks of up to 2 terabytes each, for a total direct-connect storage capacity of up to 56 terabytes per virtual machine. For instructions, see Add or remove a SCSI adapter.

You can use a virtual hard disk attached to either the virtual IDE adapter or a virtual SCSI adapter to start a virtual machine. For more information, see Configuring virtual machine startup.

If you want to cluster two of your virtual machines, you must attach the virtual hard disks to virtual SCSI adapters. For more information about clustering, see Clustering virtual machines.

If you add a SCSI adapter to a virtual machine after Virtual Machine Additions is installed, you must install the Accelerated SCSI Controller driver in the guest operating system. For instructions, see Install the SCSI driver after installing Virtual Machine Additions. When you add a SCSI adapter, the default SCSI adapter ID is 7. Each SCSI adapter can have the same ID number because each adapter is on a separate SCSI bus.

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